Tigris is an Artist & Creative Technologist grounded in reimagining technology as a catalyst for meaningful human connections. Looking at the relationship between humans and technology to foster emotional intelligence, she designs installations, electronic hardware and experiences that evoke curiosity, co-creation and play.

Through her work, Tigris aims to transcend technology as a dynamic bridge, allowing new, imaginative worlds to be created for new forms of self-expression. She is also the co-founder of LYCHEE a social electronics company creating new mediums of expression.

Recipient of Samsung’s Home of Innovation Award, Tigris’ works have been featured in Dazed, Vice Media, Zora, and the Sunday Times, among others. She has also spoken at Tate Britain, 180 Studios, and Dazed, discussing how technology shapes emerging trends and fosters the development of new cultural primitives. Her work extends to collaborations with clients such as Selfridges, Arduino, Converse, 180 Studios, Christopher Kane; More Joy, to merge creative electronic engineering with viral content creation.

Formerly a national figure skater turned Minecraft Youtuber with 1 million+ video views at the age of 12. She also shares her practice to millions via Instagram & TikTok to educate and empower the next generation of innovators in electronic engineering and experience design.

In 2022, Tigris released a limited edition book to accompany her exhibition ‘Data Romantics’ at 180 The Strand’s Reference Point on February 14, 2022. Data Romantics was an experimental dating lab / exhibition challenging the conventions of modern dating to investigate the concept of love in a society desensitised and infiltrated by digital culture.